Subscription required. Prices available via screen query. Includes a feature to calculate average prices for a period. Final prices available via web services.
EA Market Data Portal
Electricity Authority's market data and reporting portal.
Customer Advice Notice (CAN) Publication
CANs are issued to the energy market participants via an email distribution list and are also published on the SO website.
Grid Projects Website
Relevant project schedules and updates are published to the project page on the Transpower Website. Once the Pole 2 project starts there will be a link here to the project page with regularly updated schedules.
NZX Clearing Portal
Site for the clearing and settlement of Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)
NZ Electricity Futures (Otahuhu)
NZ Electricity Futures (Benmore)
Wits free to air
A free service providing information about New Zealand's electricity market.
em6 Live
Regional price is a load weighted average
Transpower NZ Outage Planning
Transpower outage planning information.
Planned Outage Coordination Process (POCP)
This is a link to the public view version of POCP. No registration is required.
EMS GoToAssist
Please use GoToAssist to log queries, issues or potential enhancements to the FIS Portal (Requires Authentication)
FTR Manager monthly market operation service provider reports
The FTR Manager monthly market operation service provider report includes information pertaining to the FTR Manager function performed by Energy Market Services (EMS) under contract to the Authority.
vSPD Tool
The Electricity Authority has created an "FTR Rentals" tool prototype to assist FTR participants in determining the likely rentals associated with each FTR period once the 2014 Allocation Plan is implemented.
Transpower HVDC 2020 Outages
Transpower HVDC 2020 Outage information