Participant registration application
The participant registration application form and party code request form as published by the Electricity Authority
Clearing Manager information
The Clearing Manager has published registration information in the FTR documents page of its new FTR clearing portal website.
FTR Registration Policy
This scope of this policy is to provide prospective FTR participants a guide to the process for registering as an FTR participant and the requirements that must be met to become registered.

Partipant Registration

This page provides information on registering as a participant in the FTR Market.

There are a number of steps to register as an FTR participant including registering with the Electricity Authority and obtaining a participant code (if you don't already have one), ensuring you have sufficient prudential security cover with the clearing manager (NZX), signing the FTR participation agreement and checking off other criteria for entry with the FTR manager.

The registration process is documented in the Registration policy, which can be downloaded from the Policies page. The Electricity Authority will receive and process your application to become an FTR participant, and then pass information on to the Clearing Manager and FTR Manager.

In general, we advise you to allow at least a couple of weeks for you to complete the steps before you wish to start trading.

Process Overview

Once you have reviewed the information on the FTR Manager website, including the FTR Participation Agreement, you will need to apply to the Electricity Authority to become an FTR market participant. The participant registration forms are available from the FTR market page on the Electricity Authority website. Once your application has been processed and accepted by the Authority they will inform the Clearing Manager. The Clearing Manager will contact you to finalise their arrangements and then inform the FTR Manager of your application.

For more information on how to become a market participant please review the FTR Policy on registration which can be downloaded from the FTR Policies page. The FTR Policy walks you through the steps to be completed for registration.