2020 Hub Nomination 

The FTR Allocation Plan stipulates the FTR Manager will at least once, every two years conduct a process to offer FTR Participants the possibility to add up to 5 new FTR hubs. The 2020 Hub Nomination comprises of 28 possible 110kV hubs and 68 possible 220kV hubs. Non-FTR participants can request new FTR hubs at any time, and these requests will be considered as part of this process.

The FTR Allocation Plan also stipulates that the FTR Manager will at least once every two years, conduct a process to offer FTR Participants the possibility to remove up to [one] existing FTR Hub.

The 2020 call for Hub nominations  combines both these requirements.

Hub Nomination Documentation

Download the latest Hub Nomination Consultation Document

Hub Long-List

Figure 1: 110/220kV Geographical Location

Hub Short-list

Figure 2: Geographical Location

Hub Nomination Sequence

Step Description Status
1 Determine the maximum number of hubs to be added Complete
  FTR Manager to provide indicative costs to the Authority Complete
  Clearing Manager to provide indicative costs to the Authority Complete
  Authority to confirm appropriations, and consequently how many hubs can be added Complete
2 FTR Manager to determine which hubs have sufficient inter-connectivity and capacity to be added as FTR Nodes Complete
3 The FTR Manager then sends a call to participants and identified non-participants asking for hub nominations Complete
4 The FTR Manager consolidates the nominated hubs as a list In Progress
  The list will be amended to ensure that nominated nodes have the geographic and/or electrical distance required to provide commercial benefit In Progress
5 This hub addition list, including 5 non-hubs, and hub removal list, including 2 non-hubs is communicated to participants who are then invited to vote Not started
6 FTR Manager applies STV algorithm to voted hubs and non-hubs to create a ranking and determine a prioritised short list. Not started
  The subset is likely to be limited to 4-6 Nodes, but is dependent on the number of nominations requested Not started
7 The FTR Manager then invites participants and non-participants to provide costs and benefits associated with the introduction of each (or combination) of the nominated subset to the FTR Market Not started
8 The FTR Manager uses the costs and benefits provided by (non)/ participants, together with the CBA framework approved with the Authority, to create a “final set” of hubs that demonstrate net positive CBA Not started
9* The “Final Set” are then included as a proposed variation to the Allocation Plan (AP20) which the FTR Manager issues as a formal consultation Not started

  *Step 9 above triggers an understood process for consulting and then recommending a new Allocation Plan to the Authority.










 110kV Hub List

Hub ID PNODENAME SITE Name Network Model Bus Name
1 ALB1101 ALB Albany ALB/ALB110A1
2 BPE1101 BPE Bunnythorpe BPE/BPE110A1
3 CML1101 CML Cromwell CML/CML_110A
4 CST1101 CST Carrington Street CST/CST110
5 GFD1101 GFD Gracefield GFD/GFD110_1
6 HAM1101 HAM Hamilton HAM1/HAM110A
7 HEN1101 HEN Henderson HEN/HEN110A1
8 HEP1101 HEP Hepburn Road HEP/HEP110A
9 HOB1101 HOB Hobson Street HOB/HOB110
10 HWB1101 HWB Halfway Bush HWB1/HWB110A
11 KAW1101 KAW Kawerau KAW1/KAW110A
12 KIK1101 KIK Kikiwa KIK/KIK_110
13 KMO1101 KMO Kaitimako KMO/KMO110
14 MDN1101 MDN Marsden MDN/MDN110A1
15 MNG1101 MNG Mangere MNG/MNG110A1
16 MPE1101 MPE Maungatapere MPE1/MPE110A
17 MVE1101 MVE Morrinsville MVE/MVE110-1
18 NPL1101 NPL New Plymouth NPL/NPL110
19 PEN1101 PEN Penrose PEN1/PEN110A
97 RDF1101 RDF Redclyffe RDF/RDF110A1
20 ROS1101 ROS Mount Roskill ROS/ROS110A1
21 ROX1101 ROX Roxburgh ROX1/ROX110A
22 SFD1101 SFD Stratford Power Station SFD1/SFD110A
23 STK1101 STK Stoke STK/STK_110
24 TKR1101 TKR Takapu Road TKR/TKR110
25 TRK1101 TRK Tarukenga TRK1/TRK110A
26 UHT1101 UHT Upper Hutt UHT/UHT110-1
27 WHU1101 WHU Waihou WHU/WHU110
28 WIL1101 WIL Wilton WIL/WIL110A1


 220kV Hub List

Hub ID PNODENAME SITE Name Network Model Bus Name
29 ALB2201 ALB Albany ALB/ALB220A1
30 ARA2201 ARA Aratiatia ARA/ARA220
31 ASB2201 ASB Ashburton ASB/ASB220A1
32 ATI2201 ATI Atiamuri ATI2/ATI220A
33 AVI2201 AVI Aviemore AVI/AVI_220
34 BHL2201 BHL Brownhill Road BHL/BHL220_A
35 BPE2201 BPE Bunnythorpe BPE220A1a
36 BRB2201 BRB Bream Bay BRB/BRB220
37 BRK2201 BRK Brunswick BRK2/BRK220A
38 BRY2201 BRY Bromley BRY2/BRY220A
39 CML2201 CML Cromwell CML/CML220A
40 CYD2201 CYD Clyde CYD2/CYD220A
41 DRY2201 DRY Drury DRY/DRY220
42 EDG2201 EDG Edgecumbe EDG2/EDG220A
43 GLN2201 GLN Glenbrook GLN/GLN220
44 HAM2201 HAM Hamilton HAM2/HAM220A
45 HEN2201 HEN Henderson HEN220A1a
46 HLY2201 HLY Huntly HLY2/HLY220A
47 HOB2201 HOB Hobson Street HOB/HOB220
48 HPI2201 HPI Huapai HPI_220_1
49 HWB2201 HWB Halfway Bush HWB2/HWB220A
50 KAW2201 KAW Kawerau KAW2/KAW220A
51 KMO2201 KMO Kaitimako KMO/KMO220
52 LIV2201 LIV Livingstone LIV/LIV_220
53 LTN2201 LTN Linton LTN_220_1
54 MAN2201 MAN Manapouri MAN2/MAN220A
55 MDN2201 MDN Marsden MDN/MDN220A1
56 MTI2201 MTI Maraetai MTI/MTI220
57 NAP2201 NAP Nga Awa Purua NAP/NAP220
58 NMA2201 NMA North Makarewa NMA/NMA220a1
59 NPL2201 NPL New Plymouth NPL/NPL220
60 NSY2201 NSY Naseby NSY2/NSY220A
61 OHA2201 OHA Ohau A OHA/OHA_220
62 OHB2201 OHB Ohau B OHB/OHB_220
63 OHC2201 OHC Ohau C OHC/OHC_220
64 OHK2201 OHK Ohakuri OHK/OHK220A1
65 OKI2201 OKI Ohaaki OKI/OKI220
66 PAK2201 PAK Pakuranga PAK2/PAK220A
67 PEN2201 PEN Penrose PEN2/PEN220A
68 PPI2201 PPI Poihipi PPI/PPI_220
69 ROX2201 ROX Roxburgh ROX2/ROX220A
70 RPO2201 RPO Rangipo RPO/RPO220
71 SDN2201 SDN South Dunedin SDN2/SDN220A
72 SFD2201 SFD Stratford Power Station SFD/SFD220A1
73 STK2201 STK Stoke STK/STK_220
74 SVL2201 SVL Silverdale SVL/SVL220-1
75 SWN2201 SWN Southdown SWN/SWN220
76 TAK2201 TAK Takanini TAK/TAK220-1
77 THI2201 THI Te Mihi THI2/THI220A
78 TIM2201 TIM Timaru TIM2/TIM220A
79 TKB2201 TKB Tekapo B TKB/TKB_220
80 TKU2201 TKU Tokaanu TKU-220-1
81 TMH2201 TMH Three Mile Hill TMH2/TMH220A
82 TMN2201 TMN Taumarunui TMN/TMN220
83 TNG2201 TNG Tangiwai TNG/TNG220
84 TRK2201 TRK Tarukenga TRK/TRK220A1
85 TWC2201 TWC Tararua Wind Central Tarar/TWC220
86 TWH2201 TWH Te Kowhai TWH/TWH220
87 TWI2201 TWI Tiwai TWI/TWI_220
88 TWZ2201 TWZ Twizel TWZ/TWZ220A1
89 WHI2201 WHI Whirinaki WHI/WHI220
90 WIL2201 WIL Wilton WIL2/WIL220A
91 WPA2201 WPA Waipapa WPA/WPA220
92 WPR2202 WPR Waipara WPR/WPR220-2
93 WRD2201 WRD Wairau Road WRD/WRD220
94 WRK2201 WRK Wairakei WRK2/WRK220A
95 WTK2201 WTK Waitaki WTK2/WTK220A
96 WTU2201 WTU Whakatu WTU/WTU220-1